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Ürün Kodu: DRTC-WMT-655
Stok Durumu: Stokta var

Havale Fiyatı

705,79 TL

Tek Çekim Fiyatı

742,94 TL TL

WMT-655 Omnio Metro-Tuner

WMT-655 is a 3 in 1 (tuner, metronome, and tone generator together) with 20ms response time, steady detection and accurate tuning. With Cherub proprietary tuning software, it tunes faster and more accurately than other tuners of its kind. A built-in speaker allows you to hear the beat and tone.

* New software tune woodwinds, brass and stringed instruments quickly and accurately.
* Multiple positioning arms,rotating hubs allow many viewing angles.
* Ultra-wide LCD for quick,accurate readings.
* Advanced metronome with multiple rhythms.
* Tempo range:30~280bpm Tone generator-A440
* Dual-color LCD indicates in tune(GREEN) or out of tune(ORANGE)
* Built-in MIC and vibration sensor ensures optimum response
* Auto power off energy saver mode optimizes battery life
* Flat tuning ½ step to whole step.
* 4 position volume control(Mute, Low,Med,High)

Item Weight: 17GR

3-in-1 tuner, metronome and tone generator

Clip-on style tuner

Built-in speaker


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