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Ürün Kodu: DRTC-ST-711B
Stok Durumu: Stokta var

Havale Fiyatı

62,06 TL

Tek Çekim Fiyatı

65,33 TL




Want something special and fun? WST-711 Skull Tuner is a creatively designed tuner for guitar and bass. Let its eyes tell you if your instrment is in tune!

  • Glossy finish with a skull on the case
  • Two-color LED gives clear indication of sharp or flat
  • New version software guarantees real-time tuning (response time:30ms)
  • Energy-saving mode maximizes the battery life
  • Buit-in MIC and 1/4 in input jack
  • Simple user interface makes tuning easy
  • Metal clip allows you to clip your tuner on your guitar strap or belt
  • Tuning scale : Guitar, Bass
  • Tuning range :  A0 (27.50 Hz) C6 (1760 Hz)
  • Calibration : 440 Hz
  • Precision :  ± 1 cent
  • Tuning mode :  Built-in MIC, or Optional pickup
  • Power :  3V (CR2032 lithium battery)
  • Power consumption: Tuning mode: <10mA (battery life is morethan 20 hours)
  • Energy saving mode: <5mA (battery life is
  • more than 40 hours)
  • Dimension : 53(L) x 41(W) x 18(H) mm
  • Weight : 25g



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