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Ürün Kodu: PW-AGLRA-10
Stok Durumu: Stokta var

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216,92 TL

10' Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable with Latching Cut-Off Switch, 

Planet Waves PW-AGLRA-10 CIRCUIT BREAKER 1/4" Instrument cable w/Latching Signal Cut-Off Switch, straight-angled (Right Angle Plug) 10ft/3.05m

Instrument cable - straight/right angle plugs 1/4" to 1/4" (6,35 mm)

  • Length: 3,05 m /10 ft
  • Colour: black
  • Latching on/off switch for silent instrument changes
  • Solderless cable assembly
  • Gold-plated plugs for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance

The Circuit Breaker instrument cable with Latching Cut-Off Switch has the same solderless plug connection as its predecessor, but features an actuated "kill switch" that allows for noise-free instrument changes. Press the switch once to mute the signal to the amplifier completely. Press again to reactivate the signal flow.



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