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Marka: EVANS
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557,24 TL

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586,57 TL

ETP-EC2SCLR-R      EC2 Clear Tom Pack-Rock (10", 12", 16")


    • Two Plies
    • 7-mil Film (14-mil Total)
    • Dampened Overtones
    • Focused Pitch
    • Extremely Clear Attack
    • Highly Durable



This Evans EC2S Clear Head features an Edge Control ring around the outside that boosts articulation and focus by dampening unwanted overtones. They're durable thanks to their construction: two-plies of 7-mil film.

EC2S Clear heads are great for rock, funk, and all heavier styles of play because of the extremely clear attack and pre-EQ'd sound.

Edge Control Rings are sized according to head diameter to provide the same level of dampening.





Name Evans 10"/12"/16" EC2S Clear Rock Tom Head Pack
Brand Evans
Sold By set of 3
Series EC2S, EC2S Clear
Material Plastic
Color Clear
Surface Type Smooth
Diameter 10"|12"|16"
Drum Head Type Top (Batter)
Thickness 14 mils
Number of Plies 2
Collar Type Open Channel



Lee H.


  • *****
  • EC2 Clear Heads
  • March 20, 2013
  • These heads tune very easy and sound amazing on all 3 of my kits, a DW Performance, Gretsch Renown Maple, and PDP M5 maple with great controlled sound, moderate attack, and the right amount of resonance for recording and live! Now with the Evans 360 degree technology, they sit perfectly on the bearing edge so there's no need for much talent in tuning anymore, even first timers can get it right! The 360 technology is on all their heads exept bass heads, which is coming soon!


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