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Marka: EVANS
Ürün Kodu: DRTC-B16G12
Stok Durumu: Stokta var

Havale Fiyatı

316,39 TL

Tek Çekim Fiyatı

333,04 TL


Satın alabilmek için asgari adet: 50

Evans B16G12 16 Inch Coated G12 Drum Head

For over 40 years the Evans has been known for the quality of their products and the B16G12 16" Coated G12 Drumhead is no exception.  Made with a single ply of 12mil film that gives the G12 drumhead a single-ply feel with the durability of two-ply.  This makes the drumhead film 20 percent thicker which will give off a deeper fundamental tone and enhance projection better than the traditional 10mil drumheads.  Get yours today at Alto Music!



  • 16" drum head with a single ply of 12mil film
  • 20 percent thicker than a standard single-ply drum head
  • Thicker film offers the feel of a single ply head with two-ply durability
  • Increased depth, durability, attack and projection compared to a 10mil head
  • Coated white version enhances the warmth of tone


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