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Ürün Kodu: DRTC-NYS014
Stok Durumu: Stokta var

Havale Fiyatı

36,05 TL

Tek Çekim Fiyatı

37,95 TL


D'Addario NYXL plain steel guitar strings provide more strength and up to 131% greater tuning stability by utilizing a completely reinvented wire drawing process, coupled with a revolutionary "fusion twist." 

D'Addario offers a full range of electric guitar singles for all your replacement or customization needs.

  • New York manufactured, high carbon steel alloy for unprecedented strength – play fearlessly
  • Improved tuning stability compared to traditional plain steel strings
  • D'Addario exclusive .014 Gauge New York manufactured, high carbon steel Alloy for unprecedented strength - play Fearlessly
  • Enhanced tuning stability
  • Perfect as a replacement string or for creating customized sets
  • Made in the U.S.A. For the highest quality and performance

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