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Ürün Kodu: DRTC-CB032
Stok Durumu: Stokta var

Havale Fiyatı

102,90 TL

Tek Çekim Fiyatı

108,32 TL


D'Addario Chromes Bass strings are wound with flattened stainless steel ribbon wire which is polished to an incredibly smooth surface. Delivering a distinctive damped, but tone-rich sound that only flatwounds can produce, D'Addario Chromes are the world's most popular flatwound strings.

D'Addario offers a full range of bass guitar singles for all your replacement or customization needs.

  • .032 gauge Chrome flatwound bass string
  • Ribbon wound and polished for ultra-smooth feel and warm, mellow tone
  • Fits long scale basses with a string scale length of up to 36 1/4 inches
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance


.032 - single string / E-Bass

Chrome Flatwound, polished

Smooth feel and warm, mellow tone. Wound strings using an outer flattened, "ribbon" wire which is then polished to an incredibly smooth finish. Chromes deliver a deep, rich low bottom end that make them "the" flat wound choice of Jazz, R&B, and Pop musicians.

  • Chrome series
  • Gauge: 032
  • Long Scale
  • Flat Wound
  • Strength of the Strings: .032
  • Material: Coated


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