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Ürün Kodu: DRTC-5AHS
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5A Hingestix®
Model: ( 5AHS )

5A with an adjustable hinge that forces correct grip technique. Great for beginners, or anyone looking for a technique check-up!

Designed as a learning tool by drummer, percussionist, clinician and author, Sam Ruttenberg, HingeStix® force drummers to hold their drumsticks correctly. Adjustable plastic swivel pads position the thumb, index finger and middle finger for the perfect fulcrum. The exact balance point is achieved every time the player picks up these sticks. Additionally, the player will develop proper finger technique and learn to feel the natural rebound of the drumstick. This all results in a smooth and relaxed approach to playing with no fear of hand fatigue. Holding the sticks incorrectly is impossible with the unique design of the HingeStix® Practice Drumsticks!

HingeStix® are offered in two of the world’s most popular models: American Custom® SD1 and American Classic® 5A. For each model, two plastic swivel pads unscrew and can be adjusted to a secondary hole location. This allows the player to choose the balance point that best suits the size of their hand.

“Establishing a correct grip with beginning students is surely one of the biggest challenges for teachers,” states Neil Larrivee, Director of Education and Product Development for Vic Firth Co. “A device that ensures the student is setting their grip correctly each and every time is a huge plus! A player starting with the correct grip will excel at a much faster rate and with much more enjoyment. HingeStix® are the perfect choice to get it right from the start!”

“Even professionals can use work on their grip,” adds Sam Ruttenberg, creator of HingeStix®. “Many can be guilty of holding the sticks so tightly that fatigue sets in. These practice sticks create an experience where your playing becomes much smoother. When you go back to your standard sticks, you will see how much more efficient and proficient your playing will be!”


.565" | 1.44cm


16" | 40.64cm





















Taper affects the feel and balance of a stick.

A LONG TAPER produces a Back-Heavy Feel with more Flex and Faster Response.

ASHORT TAPER provides More Power and Durability with a Front Heavy Feel.

A MEDIUM TAPER gives you the best Balance between the Butt and the Tip


  • Material: Hickory
  • Surface coating: Lacquer

Tip: [?]

Tip shape and material have a big Impact on the sound a drum stick produces.

Within each tip shape, it is helpful to know that a

VERY LARGE SURFACE AREA will Create a Dark, Rich Sound,

while a

VERY SMALL SURFACE AREA will Produce a Light Sound with Clear Definition.

  • Type: Wood
  • Shape: Tear Drop
  • Surface area:Medium


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